South Lawn Stormwater Capture and Re-use System Orange County Great Park

Irvine, CA

Winner of the ENR Regional Best 2014 Projects, American Public Works Associates 2013 Project of the Year and 2013 Top Projects Award for Storm Water Solutions Magazine.


The South Lawn project possesses a state-of-the-art Stormwater Capture and Re-Use System. Storm water is captured by a series of conveyance channels and underground piping that lead to a series of storage basins. Irrigation water is drawn from these basins as needed to provide water to more than 30-acres of plant material. This feature of the South Lawn creates a sustainable design that enhances the project’s value and vision for a beautiful, sustainable, and functional site. The Stormwater Re-use System is able to offset up to 60 percent of the project's irrigation needs.