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San Francisco International Airport,

United Airlines

Terminal 3

San Francisco, CA

MCK, as part of a joint venture, was recently announced Project Manager for the full modernization of Terminal 3 of San Francisco International Airport (SFO).


This $800M project will:

  • Modernize the existing 400,000 square foot western half of the terminal, including a seismic retrofit, new architectural finishes and new passenger amenities.

  • Create 190,000 square feet of additional space, allowing for expanded food, beverage and retail concessions.

  • Include improvements to the building and technology systems to comply with the latest building fire and life safety code requirements.

  • Security checkpoints will be reconfigured and an improvement of passenger flow and SFO’s standards of customer service will be met upon completion of this project.

  • Aircraft gates will be reconfigured to accommodate international flights, linked to the Customs facility through a new elevated secure connector.

  • To compliment the indoor upgrades, there is also substantial work out on the Airfield that includes a new jet fuel system, flatwork and other upgraded utilities.


SFO has completed about 75% of design and enabling activities, including relocation of utilities and tenants. Physical construction was slated to begin in June 2020, however, due to the 2020 COVID Pandemic, SFO postponed the project for at least six months. The impact of the Pandemic resulted in reduced passenger and flight activity, however the postponement of the project will not affect airline operations at SFO. The original project timeline called for construction to be completed in fall 2023.

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