Placer County Water District Hellhole Dam Raise Project 

Placer County, CA

Completed in 1966, Hell Hole Dam and Reservoir sits about 10 miles west of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Standing at a massive height of 410 feet, it’s the 11th tallest dam in California. At an elevation of 4700 feet, and with 15 miles of shoreline, the reservoir is a frequent stop for many hikers and adventurers alike drawn by its pristine, clear water and astounding views of the snow-capped peaks of the Sierras. Operated by the largest water purveyor in Placer County, Placer County Water Agency serves over 41,000 customers.  The goal of the Hellhole Dam Raise Project is to increase the dam’s core elevation to 4,651 feet which will provide resolve for the dam’s settling since its construction as well as bring it 2.5 feet above the PMF flood level.  It its current phase, the work consists of temporarily storing approximately 8,000 cubic yards of rip rap excavated from the downstream slope of the dam as well as the construction of a temporary road which will include installation of three temporary ramps connecting to the top of the dam to the first bench on the reservoir side. The existing bench will serve as a temporary haul road. When the project is complete the reservoir could increase by over 10,000 acre-feet of increased seasonal storage. MCK is providing Project Controls, Contract Administration, Cost Estimating and Administration Services on the project. 







El Dorado Irrigation District Forebay Dam Modification

Pollock Pines, CA

The Forebay Dam and Reservoir is an off-stream reservoir located on the westward side of the Sierra Nevada’s that regulates water for drinking water and hydroelectric power purposes. Operated by El Dorado Irrigation District the dam was originally constructed in 1923 and is a key part of the El Dorado Hydroelectric Project 184. The El Dorado Dam Modification Project will bring this centenarian dam up to current dam safety standards. The primary improvements will be to construct an earthen stability buttress on the downstream face that will both strengthen the dam and increase its water storage capacity. It consisted of harvesting timber downstream of the dam, at the reservoir inlet, and in the soil borrow area on EID property located adjacent to Forebay. During the second construction phase, work consisted of constructing the lower portion of the earthen stability buttress. Other work completed during that phase included repairing the unstable reservoir inlet and installing water control gates at the power and water supply intake structures as well as repair of the existing penstock and abandonment of the other penstock. The third phase, which occurred in 2019, included the final construction of the buttress, raising the dam crest by 10 feet, and improving the emergency spillway to prevent erosion and compensating for the new dam crest elevation. Additional benefits include improved reliability and availability of water supply, safety, accessibility enhancements,  and improvements of roadways and trails.  The $20M project will be completed in 2020. MCK is providing Project Controls, Cost Estimating, Office Administration, Inspection, Cost Estimating and Scheduling services.. 
















San Francisco Public Utilities Commission As-Needed Construction Management Services

San Francisco, CA

MCK has been providing Construction Management services to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission(SFPUC) under an As-Needed services contract since 2015 to present.  Click on "read more" to see the various projects under this contract. 

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Seismic Upgrade of Bay Division Pipeline

Nos. 3 & 4 at Hayward Fault

San Francisco, CA

The SFPUC engaged an MCK/EPC team to manage the work on the seismic upgrades of the two main water pipelines that supply potable water to over 2.5 million customers in the San Francisco Bay area.


The 78-inch and 96-inch pipelines, known as Bay Division Pipeline (BDPL) Nos. 3 and 4, cross the Hayward fault in three locations in Freemont. Originally built in 1952 and 1973, BDPL Nos. 3 and 4 are critical water mains in the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System that must function following a seismic event. This $75M project reached completion early 2015.

Peninsula Pipelines Seismic Upgrade (PPSU)

San Mateo County, CA

Winner of the Water & Wastes Digest 2016 Top Projects


MCK provided Contract Administration for the Peninsula Pipelines Seismic Upgrade (PPSU) project that consisted of seismic upgrades to three Hetch Hetchy regional water delivery pipelines located in San Mateo County. The pipelines in need of repair are known as San Andreas Pipelines No. 2 and 3, and Sunset Supply Branch Pipeline. These upgrades were critical to the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System and will increase pipeline reliability during potential seismic events.


Project components included replacing segments of the pipeline, open trench construction, surface restoration and installing structural support within an existing tunnel. The PPSU project included six improvement components at five different locations on the San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo County. The pipeline work areas for this project were located in residential areas of Colma, South San Francisco, San Bruno and Millbrae. 


This $42M project was complete December 2015.

Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant

San Bruno, CA

The Crystal Springs Reservoir System and San Andreas Lake serve as the water supply system for the entire San Francisco Peninsula. Local watershed runoff, along with water from Hetch Hetchy and East Bay sources feed into the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant before being delivered to the customers. The purpose of this project is to improve delivery space and reliability and provide seismic upgrades to achieve a sustained capacity of 140 MGD for at least 60 days, beginning within 24 hours following a seismic event on the San Andreas Fault. The sustainable capacity will be provided through the addition of filters, upgrades to various systems, and seismic retrofits of critical process units. This $200 million upgrade is being constructed while keeping the treatment plant in full operation.


MCK provided the lead staff and is teamed with HDR to provide Construction Management on this highly complex project. This project reached completion April 2015.

Crystal Springs Dam

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission engaged an MCK/HDR team to re-build this massive dam that was originally built in 1888 and is 400 feet from the San Andreas Fault line. The Crystal Springs Reservoir is the primary water supply for San Francisco. MCK provided the Resident Engineer and Lead Civil Inspector for this major seismic reinforcement project and dam raising which was completed in 2011.

South Lawn Stormwater Capture and Re-use System

Orange County Great Park

Irvine, CA


Winner of the ENR Regional Best 2014 Projects, American Public Works Associates 2013 Project of the Year and 2013 Top Projects Award for Storm Water Solutions Magazine.


The South Lawn project possesses a state-of-the-art Stormwater Capture and Re-Use System. Storm water is captured by a series of conveyance channels and underground piping that lead to a series of storage basins. Irrigation water is drawn from these basins as needed to provide water to more than 30-acres of plant material. This feature of the South Lawn creates a sustainable design that enhances the project’s value and vision for a beautiful, sustainable, and functional site. The Stormwater Re-use System is able to offset up to 60 percent of the projects irrigation needs.

“…South Lawn project was chosen by SWS editors as one of SWS’s 2013 Top Projects. Notable aspects of the project include a system that will capture storm water runoff from multiple watersheds that flow through the park and then treat that water for reuse.”

2013 Top Projects Award

Storm Water Solutions


Crystal Springs/San Andreas Transmission Upgrade, Water Sewer Improvement Program (WSIP)

San Francisco, CA


MCK provided inspection services for the Crystal Springs Pump Station, a major seismic upgrade project alongside Lower Crystal Springs Dam.  It improves the way Hetch Hetchy water gets pumped through the Peninsula regional system.  

This project was part of a $201M dollar project that reached completion November 2014. 

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Capital Improvements Program

San Francisco, CA


Water System Replacement and Seismic Upgrade Program, San Francisco, CA ($4.3B) for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, MCK prepared a fully comprehensive report in 2003 analyzing the entire $4.3B program for feasibility, risk analysis, constructability, and its ability to deliver water following a seismic event.  The report included a study of facilities from Hetch Hetchy to the City Distribution including San Joaquin, Sunil and Peninsula pipelines, Irvington and Crystal Springs tunnels, treatment plants, connectors, dams, pump stations, emergency and non-emergency power, etc.

City of Palo Alto and City of Mountain View Reclaimed Water Line  

Palo Alto, CA


MCK's staff provided the Resident Engineer and Inspectors for the 16-mile reclaimed water line which had to be installed without disturbing sensitive fiber optic owned by nearby Google, Intuit, and other high profile IT businesses.  This project was successfully completed in 2008. 


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