"Brendan got the unsexy stuff done."


Larry Baer, President

San Francisco Giants


"During the process of construction of the South Lawn Project, (MCK), as construction manager, was very respectful of the need by the operations section to continue the functioning of the park during construction. He was very cooperative and easy to work with. He did his very best not to unduly interfere with the park’s daily activities. He also did his best to notify us in advance of any known conflicts….a good job overall."


Rod Cooper, Manager of Operations

Orange County Great Park Corporation


You are a true professional, (MCK), and it has been a privilege working with you on this extraordinary project. I look forward to our celebration in September.”


Mike Ellzey, CEO

Orange County Great Park Corporation


“A phenomenal job; I wouldn’t change anything about how MCK executed construction of this project. Great communication!!”


Tom Larson, Operations Officer

Farm, Food & Landscape

Orange County Great Park


150 Executive Park Blvd.

Suite 2150

San Francisco, CA 94134

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