Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant

San Bruno, CA

The Crystal Springs Reservoir System and San Andreas Lake serve as the water supply system for the entire San Francisco Peninsula. Local watershed runoff, along with water from Hetch Hetchy and East Bay sources feed into the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant before being delivered to the customers.


The purpose of this project is to improve delivery space and reliability and provide seismic upgrades to achieve a sustained capacity of 140 MGD for at least 60 days, beginning within 24 hours following a seismic event on the San Andreas Fault. The sustainable capacity will be provided through the addition of filters, upgrades to various systems, and seismic retrofits of critical process units. This $200M upgrade is being constructed while keeping the treatment plant in full operation.


MCK provided the lead staff and is teamed with HDR to provide Construction Management on this highly complex project.


This project reached completion April 2015.