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We believe that everyone

should have the chance to be great.

At MCK, we believe you can be yourself and with that magical intangible, we can move humanity just a little bit more in the direction it needs to. We’re helping fuel this belief by contributing to local, underrepresented communities, awarding yearly college scholarships to youth, volunteering at events that provide school supplies to children in underprivileged areas, and hiring individuals with a diverse set of characteristics that will help our company function not just from a  technical intelligence standpoint, but from an emotional intelligence one as well. It’s not necessarily about where you leave your footprint, but how you leave them. We want to leave behind a footprint that others can follow – whether that be someone impacted through our community outreach or a direct hire.  

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MCK has championed diversity, equity, and inclusion from our early stages. For the last two decades, it wouldn’t even occur to us to pay people differently for the same job, or not hire someone because they were viewed as different for any reason. We’re not doing this not because it’s finally relevant in our culture’s ethos- we’ve always done it. We’ve done it because we believe it’s the right thing to do.  


We believe that diversity and inclusion = innovation Everyone has a diverse, unique and special story. We want to capture as much of the human genome as possible within our team.  Sure, we do care about creating a diverse company structure because we believe it’s everyone’s moral obligation, but we also have selfish motives – we believe that it makes our company better. An egalitarian mix of different beliefs, thoughts, creativities, ideas, mindsets, outlooks, world views, and much, much more help make MCK what we feel not only it deserves morally, but what it needs to function at its absolute best.

We believe that everyone has a moral obligation to better the human spirit. Bringing together a diverse background of employees doesn’t just make our company better – it makes us better. As in - humanity better. It makes all of usbetter. 

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It is no secret we are in a male-dominated industry and we recognize our vulnerability. In order to try and promote not just MCK, but the industry as a whole we support woman-in-construction groups as well as try to fill roles internally with female candidates whenever we can. Internally, we try and grow women we do have in order to help them advance in the industry and/or within our company. We recently hired a woman from outside the industry to come in and learn it in hopes that she would want to pursue a career in construction management both with MCK and/or the industry as a whole. So far it’s working out great!  Similarly, it is important for us to ensure that underrepresented minorities also are given the same promotion and more hiring opportunities. MCK has hired several individuals from San Francisco’s Bayview Neighborhoods just starting out in hopes that the role would be a jumping point in their career and several have gone on to bigger and brighter opportunities outside of MCK.


Both disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged youth suffer from a lack of many life skills such as etiquette, adopting healthy diets and exercise regimes, understanding of finance and budgeting and travel. MCK employs a Community Benefits Manager who works in the communities we serve to teach these skills to those in need so they can apply them in the real world. We’ve had a strong belief in proactive community outreach starting with a mindset instilled by its founder.  Prior to founding MCK, he participated in engineering outreach at schools and community centers in the Bayview Hunter’s Point neighborhood in San Francisco, encouraging high school students to attend college and, in particular, study engineering. Additionally, he initiated a relationship with the San Francisco State University Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and other minority engineering groups that led to nearly a dozen paid student internships in the engineering and construction management divisions.


It would never enter our minds naturally to pay anyone differently based on race, gender or makeup of any kind but to ensure we aren’t doing this we are constantly assessing our employees’ pay to ensure that we don’t accidentally find ourselves in this situation. We believe that under no circumstance should anyone be paid differently due to any differences of any kind.

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In the Bayview district of San Francisco, MCK conducts a scholarship award program each year directed toward African-American youth.  MCK also participates with Mayor London Breed and the Backpack Giveaway program, Laptop Day and other outreach events. Until this day, outreach continues through MCK, as the company has had produced four First Source employees working full time on projects in San Francisco, two of which are still providing services and a prior relationship with UC Irvine’s minority engineering program that created such positive internship experiences that MCK was included in the University’s new student recruitment video.

MCK also donates money to the Bayview YMCA, SF State Black Student Union, National Society of Black Engineers, Olympic Club Foundation which supports amateur athletics, Second Harvest Food Bank, Los Positas Handball club which sends youth to tournaments around the country, the Brisbane Scholarship Foundation and other programs.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion isn't  just a one-time implementation. It’s an ever-changing ideology that doesn’t have one specific endpoint; constantly evolving and growing. It takes a village. Then a city. Then a province or state. Then a country. Then the world. But most of all it takes you. Me. All of us.  But we can do it together.

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