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We're proud to say we have a diverse team of employees that are judged by their talent and skills, but also by their integrity and character. We take our work seriously but stop to take a moment to enjoy life and each other as well. Case in point - Justin Burke, to our right, getting a surprise wrapping job at his cubicle one fine morning. 

Volunteers on Construction Site

There's a saying at MCK about what we call "MCK Material." It's more a feeling than what can be measured on a spreadsheet. All of our employees work hard, but we do our best to filter in a satisfactory work-life balance, which includes quarterly gatherings, family picnics, and other events throughout the year. We've built a diverse team of talented individuals that truly are a part of our family. 



We believe in working hard, but taking the time to celebrate victories when needed in particular at the end of the project. Case and point? Our 2019 end of year party video.  


"Everyone has a voice and what you say matters."

"You're encouraged to be creative and help provide solutions that make a direct impact on the growth of the company."

"MCK is truly a family friendly company and you really feel like you are a part of a team."

"I love that every single person at MCK has a positive and can do attitude. It's obvious that everyone wants to be here."

"The company's extensive experience provides great mentorship for anyone willing to work hard and learn every day."

"I love the people and the culture at MCK. It's hard to find both of these qualities in a company."

"MCK means family."

"This Place is my family and home."

"This is the first job I've taken in my entire life where I'm not sure if I'm going to actually ever leave this company."

Continue reading what our employees have to say about MCK's culture!

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