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Whether you're running a private project or public, drones can provide really important and cost-saving benefits such as:



Colorful, inexpensive and eye-popping videos and images can be featured in marketing copy including social media, website for board meetings and proposals for future jobs, and digital brochures.

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Instead of walking around a site, you can now assess potential safety risks from the comfort of your desk chair. Safety Managers van view the site in real-time to determine whether action needs to be taken to reduce risks and potential worker injuries.

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Drones can repeat similar flights to view construction progress in exact locations to truley measure progress and reducing variance. You can see first-hand what may be delaying your project and remedy without being on the jobsite. 


It's also a great way to map/survey the project before and during. You can also gain a valuable perspective you wouldn't have from the ground thus enabling you to better communicate with your team about issues and strategies. 

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