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Foster CIty, CA

Foster City Levee Project
City of Foster City

In order to maintain Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) accreditation and keep Foster City properties out of the flood zone,
the City of Foster City is constructing 6.5 miles of sea walls, upgrading the existing levee structure, and increasing the height of the levee. The
project includes 22,100 LF of Sheet Pile Floodwall, 5,100 LF of Earthen Levee and 4,100 LF of Convention Floodwall. In certain sections where
land area is constrained, a secondary retaining wall will be constructed on the landside of the trail to transition the elevated levee grade down to the existing grade. In addition to raising the levee, the project includes redevelopment and widening of the levee Bay Trail and construction of
two bridges to increase tidal circulation to enhance the O’Neill Slough in the southern segment of the project site. The Foster City levee system, surrounding the majority of the outer bay-front perimeter of the City, is crucial in providing
protection from flood hazards and storms.

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