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Regional Groundwater and Storage Recovery Project
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 

San Francisco, CA


MCK has provided multipule roles for this SFPUC groundwater and well facilities project. Scope includes drilling, installing, and constructing 13 groundwater well facilities, including site preparation, building foundations, temporary shoring and retaining walls, new pumps, motors and related appurtenances, a ventilation system, trenching and pipeline and conduit construction, cathodic protection system, chemical treatment equipment, tanks and pumping systems,  electrical power distribution systems, SCADA and I&C control systems, perimeter security fence, security monitoring and control systems, final grading and drainage, landscape and irrigation systems, sanitary and storm drain piping and connections to municipal systems, paving and various other site improvements. Construction consisted of approximately 7,100 feet of 8-inch and 12-inch diameter ductile iron water transmission pipeline. 

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