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Guy Place Park San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department

San Francisco, CA

The City of San Francisco’s 4,000 sf park offers contemplative space for quiet enjoyment as well as an opportunity for small-group gatherings.  The existing project site slopes down from the street to a flat pad previously used for surface parking. To optimize the use and maximize accessibility, the design raises the existing sloped terrain with engineered retaining walls to create a level site. 

The design creates three outdoor "rooms" which contain bench seating areas, and are framed with a variety of ornamental plants selected for habitat value to pollinators, seasonal interest, and pleasant fragrance. Nine new trees are included as part of the design. 

The park is notable in its use of high-quality materials such as granite unit paving, a large ornamental granite slab, and a fence along Guy Place designed by San Francisco artist Adriane Colburn, which is the enrichment component of the project selected by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

The team worked with project representatives and city officials to develop a comprehensive engineer’s estimate for project budget and for bids to be compared against.  

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