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MCK Americas Inc. is located in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. The company has a passion to help local youth achieve their academic goals.  Each year we provide one student with the opportunity to win a college scholarship. The student who is chosen must meet all of the following minimum qualifications:


  1. Must reside in the 94124 zip code

  2. Must already be accepted to a college to receive the funds, but at time of submitting an application can be a high school senior intending to apply to college

  3. Must be a minimum of 30% African American ethnicity

  4. Must have been raised in a non-conventional household (i.e. single parent, grandparents) for a majority of their life and currently still in that household


Please email a 2-5 page word document addressed to Carla Thomas Cavalier at with the following:

  1. Demonstrate the above minimum qualifications and your contact information.

  2. What extracurricular activities are you involved in? (Music, arts, sports, community, etc.)

  3. What is your job experience?

  4. In ten words or less, describe who you are (not what you are).

  5. Describe your vision of yourself five years after you have graduated from college.

  6. What three things are you most appreciative of? Why?

  7. What is your favorite saying?

  8. Provide the name and phone number of someone in the community who knows you, believes in you and would feel that you deserve this scholarship.


If you are the selected recipient, the scholarship will be in the form of a check or multiple checks written in the name of the college to which you are accepted. It may be applied towards tuition, books and supplies, room and board or other fees.

For additional questions please contact Carla Thomas Cavalier at Contact Button below or call at (415) 656-3264.

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