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Central Subway Tunnel Project 
San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority

San Francisco, CA

MCK is providing Construction Management for San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority’s (MUNI) Central Subway Tunnel Project. MCK is providing services for the tunnel as well as the construction of four substations. MCK has/has had over 15 employees on the project including Field Engineer, Lead Inspector, Inspectors, Estimators, and more. 


MUNI’s Central Subway Project is the second phase of the Third Street Rail Project in San Francisco, which will link neighborhoods in the southeastern part of the city with retail and employment centers downtown. The $1.5B tunnel project will reduce air and noise pollution, relieve surface congestion and reduce travel times, as well as connect to Bart and Caltrain, giving riders an easy route to their destinations outside of the city.

The Chinatown Station of the Central Subway Program Project was recognized for advancing the state of the underground engineering technologies and presented with the Project of the Year 2020 award at the ITA Tunneling Awards 2020. 

Prize Badge

ITA Tunneling Awards
2020 Award Winner

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