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Plot 2 Roadway
San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco, CA

The Plot 2 Aircraft Parking Reconfiguration and South McDonnell Road Realignment Project re-aligned a segment of South McDonnell Road westward to capture additional Air Operations Area (AOA) space (airside project) to allow for larger aircraft parking at two existing terminal gates and provide additional remote aircraft parking spaces. By allowing larger aircraft at the gates and providing additional remote aircraft parking spaces, airline operation efficiency and safety are greatly enhanced.


Construction services included relocation and installation of new utilities, interim and permanent roadways and installation of a new AOA aircraft jet blast resistant security fence. New AOA pavement was designed and constructed specific to the Federal Aviation Administration's aircraft pavement construction standards. Gutters and paving for the Grand Hyatt building and valet parking lot, as well as installation of new utilities to service the Grand Hyatt building were also components of this project.


MCK provided the Project Manager, Construction Manager, Project Controls and Senior Inspectors for this project.

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